Zephyr Tall Ship Overnight Stay at Shorelines

A once in a lifetime, one-night-only opportunity to stay on a Tall Ship overnight on Saturday 17 September 2016, in dock at the historic Tilbury Cruise Terminal.

We have partnered with Sail Greenwich to bring Zephyr to Tilbury to offer a limited number of beds on Zephyr.
Perfect for those of you intrepid seekers of culture who would like to be in the audience for Caroline Bergvall’s astonishing performance at sunrise Raga Dawn, with singer Peyee Chen in a unique composition by Gavin Bryars and a site-specific sound design by Sam Grant. 
Raga Dawn takes places on the landing stage, next to Zephyr's mooring.
Followed by breakfast.

Shorelines literature festival will also be on at the venue from Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 September.

Why not book both up now?

Booking Options for Zephyr Tall Ship:

Single bunk in a shared room of 4 (8 available) - £44 each - BOOK NOW.

4 bunk room (2 available) - £215 for the whole room - BOOK NOW.

2 bunk room (5 available) - £110 for the whole room - BOOK NOW.

Further information about Zephyr:
The 'Zephyr' was built in 1931 as a 'motorgaljas' and christened the 'Bente'. She sailed the Baltic Sea until 1953 and then carried mixed cargo in the Norwegian fjords until 1992. Afterwards, she came into Dutch hands and was extensively rebuilt into a passenger sailing ship.

The beautiful two-masted schooner 'Zephyr' has a cosy, light, luxury saloon, finished in blue and mahogany. The galley is equipped with all conveniences, including a beer tap.

Please note: Showers and bathroom facilities are shared.

Zephyr will also be open for visits on Sunday 10am-5pm.

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