Adam Chodzko

Adam Chodzko is an artist whose multidisciplinary practice explores the interactions and possibilities of human behaviour in the gap between how we are and how we could be. Exhibiting work nationally and internationally since 1991, working across media, from video installation to subtle interventions, and with a practice that is partly sited within the gallery space and partly within the wider public realm, Chodzko's work explores our collective imagination in order to speculate how, through the visual, we might best connect with others.

Ghost is a kayak; a sculpture as vessel, coffin, bed, costume and camera rig. It is designed to ferry people to the 'island of the dead', with a rower at the back, and the passenger lying down low and flat in the front, like a body in a coffin with their head slightly raised, travelling along the interface between water and sky. A camera, mounted on Ghost's deck, records each unique voyage, the passengers' point of view, from across its bows.

The video archives, installed inside the Cruise Terminal's original ticket office, from multiple journeys along four previous Ghost passages (The rivers Swale, Tamar, Tyne and Thames) joined a new video footage created this summer from the Essex Ghost voyages made by a group of estuarine insomniacs, to be shown alongside Ghost itself, held suspended in the Old Railway Station at Tilbury Cruise Terminal.

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