East India and The Thames - A Trilogy

Saturday 22nd May 2021 to
Wednesday 9th June 2021

East India and The Thames - A Trilogy

Three Virtual Tours themed on the East India Company and the River Thames. East India Company fleet commanders began their journey in the City of London taking instruction at the company's headquarters on Leadenhall St. Once their ships were loaded with provisions, including silver bullion, men and royal letters of introduction, they sailed out through the Thames and its Estuary into the unknown. And so began the long and perilous journey around Europe and Africa to the 'East Indies' in the hope of trade and personal fortunes.

Part I
An Introduction to the East India Company and How it Shaped our World
Sunday 23 May 16.30-18.00 (UK)
Thursday 3 June 18.00 -19.30. (UK)

Part II
The East India Company - Early Voyages and Private Lives
Wednesday 26 May 13.00 - 14.30 (UK)
Saturday 5 June 11.00 - 12.30 (UK)

Part III
A Virtual River Thames Cruise from London Bridge to Blackwall and beyond
Tuesday 1 June 18.00 - 19.30 (UK)
Thursday 10 June 11.00-12.30 (UK)

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About the artist
Leila Redpath is a qualified Blue Badge tour guide, educationalist and history lover. She was first drawn to the vast and hidden story of the East India Company over 10 years ago through her own family connections with London and India. Surprised that she had not learned about it at school or university, she set about creating a programme of events revealing its role in shaping our world today - from creating British India and founding Hong Kong to igniting the American war of independence. Leila collaborated with authors and museum experts, exploring sites from Kew Gardens and the V&A to Greenwich, Docklands and the City of London, all impacted by this private corporation. In the light of recent events and a renewed interest in people to better understand the legacy of our imperial past, Leila believes that the story of the East India Company (1600-1858) has to be at the heart of that new understanding. Leila is also passionate about the River Thames and brings the two themes together in the third of her trilogy of East India Company virtual tours.

Image : Leila Redpath - East India Company Virtual Tour Trilogy
Photo: Marc Zakian

Image : River Cruise through the London Docklands
Photo: Leila Redpath


Saturday 22nd May 2021 to
Wednesday 9th June 2021





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