Two Tree Island

Saturday 12th June 2021

Two Tree Island

Two Tree Island is a photographic project, investigating the history of the island from a landfill site to the Nature Reserve it is today. This body of work questions how environmental issues such as rising sea levels, faster erosion and flooding, may cause high risk chemicals from the historic landfill to leach into the nearby beaches.

This project is also a reflection upon the processes involved in analogue photography, and a chance to explore more sustainable methods of creating images. During Estuary 2021, Laurence Harding will be launching a publication featuring her Lumen and Analogue photographs of the island processed in environmentally friendly developers, made from recycled household waste and local plants found in and around the island.

Experimental Photography Workshop and Walk on Two Tree Island – 13th June
The workshop will be in two parts. We will begin by exploring the island with Tilly Hogrebe, and then continue with a Lumen printing workshop led by Laurence Harding.

Tilly Hogrebe, a local and experienced forager, will help us identify some of the island’s plants and also advise us on what nature to pick for the printing activity. She will be guiding us through Two Tree Island and you will learn some of the basics of responsible foraging. On the walk, we will be collecting leaves, berries, and other small pieces of nature to use in our Lumen workshop. Laurence Harding will then be teaching lumen printing, a sustainable method of image making, which uses light sensitive photographic paper that will be exposed in the sun, to create stunning solar photograms of nature.

At the end of the workshop, participants will take home their printing kits with extra paper to continue making Lumens at home!

Spaces are limited due to Covid restrictions, so booking is essential on Eventbrite.
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The Experimental Photography Collective, Southend-on-Sea
The workshop will also be a great opportunity to meet and chat with other members of the newly formed Experimental Photography Collective based at the Old Waterworks in Southend-on-Sea, who will be present on the day to share some of their latest projects and photographic experimentations.

About the artist
Laurence Harding is a photographic artist, who lives in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. She specialises in analogue, experimental and historical photographic processes at her studio based at The Old Waterworks, in Southend-on-Sea. Throughout her art practice, she explores and challenges the nature of the photographic portrait, and also investigates the material qualities of the analogue medium. Her work has been exhibited in London, Brighton, and Southend-on-Sea. Laurence regularly leads photography workshops in Galleries, schools and colleges, both locally and in London.


Saturday 12th June 2021
11:00 - 13:00


Two Tree Island Main Jetty Car Park, Leigh-on-Sea



Nearest train station is Leigh-on-Sea.
From the station, it is a 20 minute walk to the meeting point.


Parking by the jetty.



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