Wandering the Wilderness

Friday 21st May 2021 to
Saturday 12th June 2021

Wandering the Wilderness

An Art Exhibition and Grand Tour of the Estuary, with ARTWORKS in both Virtual and Physical Wilderness Waypoints.

1- AK9 ART GALLERY: an exhibition of original Oil paintings and Drawings in a 30ft Sea Container Event Space in Tuskite Business Park, beside the Wat Tyler Centre. Find Anna Keen's recently published sketch/prose book entitled 'London the Metamorphosis', collect the Artwork and contact the Artist for a Pandemic Portrait.

2- Wilderness Waypoint Map: a virtual, digital gallery of Artwork, each linked to its own location, with extra info on how to discover more, including links to a Sea-Fort tour-boat, a Doom-way walking guide, local piloting courses for kayak, power boats and flights in microlight planes. 

3- Art Signs: Outdoor Artwork located within the Estuary shores of both Essex and Kent. When Physical Artwork is on location, the Waypoint Marker on wanderingthewilderness.co.uk will turn from BLUE to RED! Check regularly for updates.
For a FREE digital image take a (masked) selfie in front of your chosen artwork and send to [email protected]

For the Art Shop email your requests to [email protected]

The itinerary of a traditional 17th - 18th Century Artistic Grand Tour was not set in stone but subject to innumerable variations depending on an individual’s interests. One of the aims of the Grand Tour was to give people an Aesthetic Education. Travellers typically came home with crates full of souvenirs that they had collected, including paintings. Canaletto and Panini both painted for the 18th century tourist market. It was also fashionable to have your portrait painted, usually at the end of the Tour. Paris, Rome, Venice… why not a Grand Tour of the Thames Estuary? Experience its unearthly delights, collect its Art and have your Pandemic Portrait drawn via video call or by appointment in AK9 Art Gallery. ‘No mask, No entry’ a sign of the times.

Anna Keen is a British Artist who has lived and painted for many years in Paris, Rome, Venice, London and Amsterdam. She is now Resident Artist in Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight. In 2020 her art book ‘London The Metamorphosis’ was published and she had a solo show at the OXO Tower gallery, London.


Friday 21st May 2021 to
Saturday 12th June 2021


Online and AK9 ART, Unit 17, Tuskite Business Park, Pitsea Hall Ln, Pitsea, Basildon

SS16 4UH



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[email protected]

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