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The Water Replies is a participatory journaling and creative writing project, shaped and led by poets Selina Nwulu and Caroline Bird. Below, you can view the inspirational contents of 80 creative journals. The majority of these were created by people living along the Thames Estuary coastline, with many choosing to reflect on lockdown spent near the Estuary. Some of the journals have been collected from further afield, with visitors and past residents exploring the impact of the river on their memories. Each book has been carefully filmed for audiences to read through and enjoy - alongside a series of window displays and murals which you can discover at Chalkwell Hall (South Essex), and displays in Chatham and Rochester Libraries (North Kent).

We hope you enjoy viewing the archive.

We would like to extend a big thank you to everybody who shared their journaling process with us, via online workshops, audio recordings and the hundreds of beautiful pages you see below.

Adrian Green

Alexandra le Rossignol

Amanda Francis

Amanda Jackson

Angela Pilgrim

Anne Lee

Annie Lane

Annie Taylor

Anthony Jones

Barbara Sleap

Camilla Heath

Carlee Smith

Carol Smith

Caroline Burgess

Catherine Digman

Chelsea St Pierre

Chris Reed

Claire Michel

Debbie Hadley

Deborah Pugh

Denise West

Dizz Darling

Ellie Gabriel

Emily Leonard

Emma Harding

Emma Howes

Fern Worsley

Fiona Bennett

Fiona Scanes

Gail Ditchburn

Gwen Simpson

Helen Davis

Jane Pitt

Jennifer O'Neill

Jessye Wdowin-McGregor

Jill Duckworth

Jo Bund

Jo Eden

John Oxley

Juliet Bryson

Karen Penny

Kate Harriss

Katie Young

Katrina Parris

Kim Saunders

Laura Dekker

Laura Fisher

Laurain Zialor

Lauren Hill

Lauretta Burrell

Linda Hibbin

Lisa Stone

Liz Sergeant

Lucy Stockton-Smith

Lydia Brockless

Lynette Williams

Maggie Osborn

Maria Hickey

Mary Ann Smith

Maxine Chester

Mel Powis

Melissa Furnell

Mervyn Linford

Mickey Dell

Molly Lambourn

Nadia Perrotta

Norma Benham

Paige Ockendon

Peter Haugh

Peter Leigh

Sally West

Selena Bolingbroke

Selena Chandler

Sharon Cavalier

Simone Swaine

Sonia McNally

Susie Valentine

Tania Freeman

Tanya King

Uli Jaeger

Viv Mitchell

Zara Gabriel

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