Creative Letter Exchange

Wednesday 31st March 2021 to
Saturday 19th June 2021

Creative Letter Exchange

Creative Letter Exchange is for anybody who lives on the Isle of Sheppey who's ever wanted to be a correspondent; to be somebody else's eyes and ears. Chloe Cooper was due to come to Sheppey last year to meet people as part of her artist's residency but hasn't been able to because of the pandemic.
Do you fancy writing to her to tell her what it's like there instead? You could tell her with words or drawings, poems or photographs; anything that can fit in an envelope! Chloe's just moved to Thamesmead and really wants to tell people in Sheppey what it's like here too. It’s only 40 miles west along the River Thames - how much do we, the people of Thamesmead, share with you, the people of Sheppey (apart from the water)?!

If you'd like to find out more about the project and see what Chloe's been sending to people visit:

If you live on Sheppey and would like to exchange letters with Chloe between April and June 2021, please send a postcard with your name and address on to:

Chloe Cooper c/o Bow Arts Trust, Lakeside Centre, Bazalgette Way, London, SE2 9AN - stamped addressed envelopes will be provided for all future correspondence.

This project is part of Quiet Down There’s Pull Up A Chair residency with Ideas Test, supported by Arts Council England, Creative People and Places and Kent County Council. Thanks to all who've played a part in developing it!

About the artist
Chloe writes about people and places she knows, marbles paper to articulate what's not possible with words and creates performative workshops to splash about in the rocky waters of human relationships. She invents props and processes for participants to take on roles, collaborate together and rebel against whilst exploring their desires, feeling their feelings and sharing ideas on how the world works. Chloe doesn’t make work in isolation, she depends on the conversations before, during and after the thing is made because otherwise what’s the point? She writes long stories on her laptop in bed with snacks. She works in museums and galleries and she marbles paper in her studio - it’s so messy! She really enjoys paper marbling alone and with other people too including Jackie Walduck who she collaborates with over Zoom - Jackie on her vibraphone and looper, Chloe dropping paint onto thickened water. Chloe's recently moved to Thamesmead and is pretty interested in the birds, lake, woods, buildings and people. She has recently exhibited and performed works at Visions, Nunnery Gallery, London (2021); BIAS, A/Side-B/Side, London (2020); URgh!#1: alternative art education zine, Conway Hall, London (2020); #36 Annual Open Exhibition, Southwark Park Galleries, London (2020); The Body Politic, Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2019); To whom the flesh / My flesh / Still connects me, The Poetry Society, London (2019); 50 years of new society, nGbK, Berlin (2019) and LCN Showcase, SPACE, London (2018).


Wednesday 31st March 2021 to
Saturday 19th June 2021





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