The Clifftown Podcast

Wednesday 31st March 2021 to
Saturday 12th June 2021

The Clifftown Podcast

In April 2021 M G Boulter released a new album exploring his suburban seaside experience called ‘Clifftown’. As a companion piece (and to explore the themes of the record in greater detail), M G has embarked on a fascinating and personable podcast exploring the culture, hidden history and stories of his hometown. Projected to last ten episodes the first few episodes explore amongst other things the personal history of Josceyline’s Beach (Chalkwell), Pub Rock, Southend RNLI, John Constable’s connection to Leigh-on-Sea and the tragic death of jazz pioneer Mike Taylor who is buried in Southend but also played a seminal show in 1960s Westcliff, causing a small riot. Join him and a host of characters and local people to explore the world of Clifftown.

The Clifftown Podcast can be accessed via iTunes or Spotify here.

If you want to hear bonus episodes and keep up with the podcast as it is release, you can join M G Boulter’s mailing list here.

About the artist
M G Boulter is a songwriter and musician. Serving his apprenticeship in numerous bands in the hotbed of the Southend-on-Sea pub rock scene, M G has worked with numerous US and UK bands in the folk and Americana genres including Simone Felice, Emily Portman’s Coracle Band, The Duke & the King, Blue Rose Code and The Lucky Strikes. Referred to as “a weapon’s grade songwriter” by R2 magazine M G has released a number of albums and EPs some of which have made the ‘Best of Year’ lists in music magazines and The Daily Telegraph. His new album, ’Clifftown’, is released on Hudson Records and is available on CD/LP/DL from:

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Wednesday 31st March 2021 to
Saturday 12th June 2021





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