Sat 22 May - 13:30-14:45 - Crude Britannia Pt.2

Friday 21st May 2021

Sat 22 May - 13:30-14:45 - Crude Britannia Pt.2

The Estuary, the Climate and the Future of Energy

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What are the probable impacts of climate change on the Estuary in the coming decades?  Join our panel of artists, writers, activists and scientists as they explore the Estuary and its climate across time, looking at history, what is happening today, and what is to come.

Our panel of speakers:- 

Lucia Dove:  artist film and in discussion about floods in the Estuary and her new book VLOED (Dunlin Press, 2021). 

Laura Blake:   Thames Crossing Action Group on the threat to build a new motorway in the Estuary. 

Platform:   ‘The People will Possess the Wind’, artist film by Richard Houguez. The Crude Britannia sailboat explores wind and power in the Estuary.

Terry Macalister:  co-author of ‘Crude Britannia’

Hosted by:-

James Marriott:  Platform


Friday 21st May 2021
13:30 - 14:45


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