James Marriott

James Marriott

James Marriott is an artist, activist and naturalist working as part of the internationally renowned group Platform which combines art, education, activism and research to create initiatives which are focused on social and ecological justice. Since the mid-1990’s Platform has concentrated on the ecological and social impacts of the global oil & gas corporations, as part of the movement to address climate change.

James has created projects including the Delta micro-hydro scheme, the download opera And While London Burns and the travelogue The Oil Road - Journeys from the Caspian to the City of London (Verso 2012). His forthcoming book Crude Britannia (written with former Guardian energy correspondent Terry Macalister), tells the story of Britain's energy past, present and future; of a black gold empire built on financial power, political meddling and environmental destruction. 

He lives in Higham, on the Hoo Peninsula.

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