Katrina Palmer

Katrina Palmer

Katrina Palmer works with stories that are distributed across found sites, audio environments, printed matter and performance. Attentive to uncertainties, bodily vulnerabilities and insecure environments, these situated narratives invite the audience to consider objects that are indicated, but not fully present. The subject in these projects is typically on the edge of existence, reliant on emotions, instincts and urges, looking for signs, and conscious of forming part of the real or imagined landscape. The articulated exploration of material circumstances locates an expanded conceptualisation of sculpture in narrative. The site of the act of writing and the process of attempting to realise and reformulate ideas, is explored as part of this work.

She was born in London, where she continues to live and work. Her solo exhibitions include: Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2018), Brotherton Library, University of Leeds (2017), Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (2015) and Artangel (2015). Among her publications are The Dark Object (Book Works: London, 2010) and ‘Absalon’s Cells’ in The Object (Documents of Contemporary Art series, Whitechapel Gallery/MIT, 2014).

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You can only ever almost get away (Southend), contextual documentation for ‘Hello’ and ‘Retreat’, Katrina Palmer’s Waterfronts commission for Southend-on Sea. Co-commissioned with Estuary 2021. Courtesy of the artist and England’s Creative Coast.Took

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