Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates

From his attempts to become animal to his vicarious experiences on behalf of others, Marcus Coates work is an enquiry into the degrees to which we can understand, know and relate to others, including the non-human.

He sees his work as research, exploring the ideas and experiences that we use to define ourselves and the implications for this in our wider relationships. Of particular concern is the ecological impact from the ways in which we relate to the natural world.

Species extinction has been a lifelong concern for Coates, his interest and knowledge of natural history forms the basis of much of his work.

His activity takes many forms, often working collaboratively with a wide range of disciplines including; anthropology, ornithology, wildlife sound recording, choreography, politics, psychiatry, palliative care, music, primatology.

Marcus lives and works in London.

Instagram @marcus_coates_
Twitter @marcus_coates_

Image: Marcus Coates, Journey to the Lower World, 2004. Photo: Nick David

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