Hannah Whittaker

Hannah Whittaker

Hannah Whittaker is a performance maker and installation artist, creating interactive installations, one on one encounters and digital performances. The form of her work may fluctuate from high-tech digital installations to very basic one to one encounters, but her focus is always on creating an experience. She concentrates on interactivity as a means to facilitate dialogues that explore topics around the human condition.

She seeks to produce work that directly engages people both physically and emotionally, striving to give them an experience that will impact lives post-performance. Many of her past works have resembled a kind of therapy, asking audience members to engage in personal discussion and disclosure. While she likes to address issues and topics that have an element of gravitas (futility of life, personal sacrifice, pain, victim blaming etc.) she does so in a deliberately playful way that charms and encourages audiences to explore deeper corners that they might not have dared to delve into before.

Hannah has also worked for over a decade in facilitating community art projects working across various disciplines including digital art, arts & crafts, installation, sculpture, animation and performance. Alongside her artistic practice she has taught and led workshops across all contexts; ranging from holiday clubs to universities, working with all ages and abilities.

Instagram @hannahgracewhittaker
Twitter @H_G_Whittaker
Facebook @hannahwhittakerartist

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