Eric MacLennan

Eric MacLennan

Born in Scotland, Eric MacLennan has been making avant-garde performance work for over thirty years.

During this time he has worked as an actor and director with many world class companies including DV8 Physical Theatre; David Glass Ensemble; V-TOL; Citizens Theatre Glasgow; Red Shift; Manchester Royal Exchange; Bristol Old Vic; Theatre of Comedy Company; Royal National Theatre Studio; Boilerhouse; Volcano; Lumiere & Son; Shunt; Station House Opera; National Theatre of Scotland; Young Vic and the Almeida.

Over the last ten years he has been creating his own distinctive work whose practice occupies a unique space somewhere between theatre, movement and the visual arts.

This current focus defies a pigeon-hole definition but may be described as performance art.

The work is bold, cutting-edge with a clear focus on its audience, challenging, provocative but always entertaining.

Inspired by philosophy and comedy in equal measure his work questions our unconscious habits, challenges conventions and isn’t afraid to say the unsayable!

Recent pieces include the hybrid art installation/performance commissioned for the Glastonbury Festival - A Voyage Around My Bedroom.

The Open Air Drawing Room commissioned by the Turner Contemporary combines painting with performance. This ongoing project was last seen at Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2020 and is part of an endeavour to create an artwork by the largest number of artists ever!
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