Jas Dhillon

Jas Dhillon

Jas Dhillon is a multimedia practitioner inspired by the people, script, language, symbolic objects, and poetic experiences, of the love and identity imprinted on her as a first-generation Indian female raised in Kent. Her practice is deeply rooted in the exploration of her identity, with a palpable reverence for her ancestors, ancestral traditions, symbology, and spirituality.

Drawn to folk art traditions based on the toil, skill, devotion, poetry and community, folk art objects embody, she strives to express these qualities in her own work. She is particularly drawn to objects that serve a utility purpose, and textiles, with an eye towards a very traditional Indian colour palette.

This is also reflected in her approach to art facilitation where she is committed to the accessibility of art and artistic expression, through the utilisation of everyday experiences, activities, and expressions.

A lifelong consumer of the arts in all its forms- visual, experiential, poetic, musical and theatrical, Jas developed her own practice late in life, encouraged by her artist friendship group. Her western influences include nature, fashion, hip hop, photography, and multicultural urban living.

Jas recently produced her first commission as part of the 2020 Margate Festival curated by People Dem Collective, which has since gone on to be displayed in the window gallery of Intra Arts in Rochester, where it was made. The installation is born from a desire to preserve the poetic blessings from her grandma in India and is centred around printed choonis (headscarves) in Punjabi. The hanging scarves symbolise the power and beauty of language, the gift of love and its ability to transcend oceans, borders, and realms.

In her professional career, Jas is Head of Marketing for a public art gallery in London, where she is focused on the areas of audience development, visitor experience, digital optimisation, equality and diversity. She holds the position of Trustee at Margate House Arts, has been acting as an advisor to People Dem Collective, and programmes art, music and poetry events at the London based homeless shelter – Shelter from the Storm, as well as being a qualified yin yoga teacher.

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