Liz Bylett

Liz Bylett

Liz Bylett is an artist working in many genres specifically but not exclusively on the body, she is an author, an artist and passionate about creating community and promoting self-realisation and empowerment for all through art, a successful business owner, who demonstrates her skills and art worldwide.

Liz is passionate about the expression of colour and texture to empower, inspire and heal. Dedicating thirty years to the creative make up and face and body painting industries, including curating the yearly “Living Art Show”. Her training academy Follies has led many inspiring artists to realise their dreams in the make up and face and body painting industries as well as sharing joy and colour body painting with the Follies teams at festivals and events also through sharing creative workshops in both the corporate and public domains. She has travelled extensively and takes inspiration from empowering ritualistic practices and their creatures gods and deities, which have inspired her to create more recently in genres including, glass, silk and huge works of batik art. Liz promotes wellbeing through yoga practice as an art form. She has won a Gold at the Chelsea Flower show, many industry awards and in 2001 set a Guinness World Record. Her body painting works have been commissioned and displayed worldwide.

Instagram @thelivingartshow @folliesartworks

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