Maria Amidu

Maria Amidu

Maria Amidu is a UK-based visual artist and writer, developing national and international site-specific and public realm projects. Her artistic concerns are influenced by the scope and significance of common experiences. She is interested in the relationships between people and place and what is hidden, obscured or unspoken in various social situations, using these elements as a means to try and substantiate myriad lived experiences.

The form her work takes is often artist’s books, print and photography, and more, recently film. She also utilises her craft practice and makes works with wax, clay and cast glass. She has developed varied projects including “Where are we?” (2020), FrancisKnight; somewhere (2020), SEAS & Brighton Festival; edge/threshold/brink (2018) Nuit Blanche Toronto; Act, Campaign, Petition, Reform, Lobby, Argue and Soit droit fait come est desire (Let it be done as it is desired) (2015), Houses of Parliament; and a moment of your time (2013), People United & Turner Contemporary.

Maria is a Winston Churchill Fellow, and is currently a LAHP funded PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art, London researching making and emotion.

Instagram @ms_amidu
Twitter @MariaAmidu

Photo: National Maritime Museum

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