Sketching the Ebb & Flow Festival

Thursday 20th May 2021 to
Saturday 22nd May 2021

Sketching the Ebb & Flow Festival

Through my reportage illustrations and sketchbook studies, I aim to convey the narrative and capture the atmosphere of the Ebb & Flow Festival, to report a celebratory and specific moment in time through a series of drawings.

About the artist

David Frankum has a wide-ranging career that has covered many areas in the world of art and design. His illustrations and design work can be found in a variety of publications including books, magazines, comics and album covers. He has also taught art, provided businesses with designs, published several books and zines, designed posters and created artist’s impressions for architectural companies.

Over the years, David has exhibited his work in renowned galleries and museums, displaying my passion for storytelling, reportage drawing, architecture and my home county of Kent.

Instagram @DavidFrankum
Twitter @DavidFrankum

Image credit: David Frankum, ME No. 44 Intra


Thursday 20th May 2021 to
Saturday 22nd May 2021
10:00 - 16:00


The High Street, Chatham Intra,



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