The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads

Thursday 27th May 2021 to
Saturday 12th June 2021

The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads

Adam Chodzko's The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads is a science fiction audio walk (via headphones), in and around Northfleet. A journey of strange inward and outward transformations.

As you move along a specific route within this landscape this accompanying ‘virtual reality’ soundtrack will guide your perceptions of new relationships between place, mind and body through its composition of vocal narration, instructions, music and sound effects.

Moving backwards and forwards through time The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads addresses our collective experience of the pandemic as having shifted our sense of reality; We have become more highly tuned! We now perceive our networks of relationships with greater clarity! This is a rare moment ( sadly, it might pass ) that we have been given (as a gift!) to explore. Let’s create this exercise, this meditation, in a unique place. The only place where it can evolve: Here!

As we head out into the world The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads recalibrates us for this exploration. Exploring in the collective imaginary a ‘cement-ality’ evolved through shared experiences of the pandemic and channelled through the earth beneath this landscape, The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads attempts to create a utopian garden-city of new consciousness.

The work evolved over the last few months, in Northfleet’s phase of limbo, just before the diggers moved in to erase the last traces of its cement industry, mutating the identity of its community.

Each experience of the walk is different as the radical transformations of landscape escalate hour by hour. Many of the narrative’s visual references to features of the site, that existed only a week ago, are now buried under piles of rubble, as though the bulldozers are somehow demolishing the audio’s truths, turning them to fiction. The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads is a method of preserving the disappearing within the collective memory of its audience, who become the custodians of the soul of the Northfleet landscape.

Book a time to take the walk here. There are time slots available between 12:00 and 16:00 on the following dates:

Friday 28, Saturday 29, Sunday 30 May
Friday 4, Saturday 5, Sunday 6 June
Friday 11, Saturday 12, Sunday 13 June


Adam Chodzko
Voice: Leanne Henlon (@LeanneHenlon)
Sound editing: Tim Barker (Radio Obscura)
Music:Steph Horak is a sound and video artist. She designs systems for voice and composition, and performs on the improvisation circuit. She produces experimental pop music under the name SheIsRevolting. She focuses on error, malfunction and bad programming to create polyrhythmic sonic washes against a backdrop of homemade videos. She is bad at releasing music but has a solo cassette on Fractal Meat Tapes, and a collaboration with Renick Bell on Conditional Records.
Thanks to: Northfleet Big Local (Mandi Knight and Julie Collins), Andrea Jackova: Romani Slovak Czech Community, and BA Fine Art students from Central Saint Martins (UAL): Tzu-Chin Chen, Jasmine Condon, Poppy French, Eleanor Gustard, Melisa Kaplanbasoglu, Ruby Lewis, Zuzia O'Donoghue, Nikita Snegirjov, Lunan Song, Viola Yang, and Nadia West. (Follow this link to see their project in response to The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads.)


Thursday 27th May 2021 to
Saturday 12th June 2021


Walk starts at: The Hive,
Hive Lane, Northfleet
DA11 9DE


Nearest railway station: Northfleet (7 minute walk) or Ebbsfleet International (18 minute walk)

Free car parking outside St Botolph's Church (maximum 2 hours)


Please note that on this walk there is one set of steps and at times the condition of the ground is rough and uneven.

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