Angus Carlyle

Angus Carlyle is a researcher at CRiSAP at the University of the Arts, London, where he is Professor of Sound and Landscape. He edited the book Autumn Leaves (2007), co-edited On Listening (2013) and co-wrote In The Field (2013). His art works have included 51° 32 ' 6.954” N / 0° 00 ' 47.0808” W (2008), Noli Me Tangere (2009), Some Memories of Bamboo (2009) and Air Pressure (2011 – 2013), a collaboration with anthropologist Rupert Cox. In The Shadow of the Silent Mountain (2016) is his last field recording project and A Downlands Index (2016) his first solo book, an exercise in nature writing on the move. A second project with Cox, Zawawa (2015 - ), extends Carlyle's fascination with the heard world of people and place, memory and presence.

A Crossing Bell involved the installation of a ship's bell above the footbridge to the Tilbury ferry. The bell invited passengers to ring it while offering a prayer for a crossing, their crossing or someone else’s, a friend’s or a stranger's, a prayer to ward off the bad or wish for the good. The aspiration was that the bell transformed the short journey on the openness of the swift-flowing river and suggested other crossings, other times and other places; its unamplified peals finding their place amongst engine noise, the cries of white feathered gulls, voices and the soundings of Thames itself.

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