Christophe Havard

Christophe Havard is composer (of electroacoustic and instrumental music), teacher, performer, improviser and sound artist based in Nantes. He began his career as a jazz saxophonist (with many projects in France and abroad) and progressively moved towards improvisation and sound experimentation. For fifteen years or so, he has been creating sound installations and electroacoustic and radiophonic pieces. He plays in bands which focus on improvisation, experimentation, and sound recordings. In addition, he sometimes participates in projects with the theatre, experimental cinema and dance. He takes parts in the activities of different associations and organizes workshops. 

Code name: Villa B: During the summer 2014, Christophe Harvard started to record the sound inside a bunker from Saint-Marc sur Mer, that is located just at the estuary of the Loire. Alone or with the clarinet player Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon, he collected the sound materials for his composition: some thick harmonics generated from iron structures, the clarinet with some strange reverb effects, some subtle motions of footsteps, voices and breath. The score relates to these sound elements: features of pitch, rhythm, tone, silence, volume and motions in the space. Composed into five parts, "Code name: Villa B" is like a trip across different singular sound and music spaces.

See it performed at Shorelines.

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