Dean Chalkley

Dean Chalkley is a prolific award-winning photographer and filmmaker. Renowned for his iconic portraiture, Dean has shot numerous magazine covers, record sleeves and advertising campaigns. His self generated projects continue to reflect his love and views of culture whether Sub or Popular. One particular body of work revolves around the notorious happenings at Junk Club in Southend-on-Sea, other work includes the universally acclaimed exhibition and publication ‘Return of The Rudeboy’. His work reflects a resistance to mediocrity and a celebration of the individual.

Dean's images have been exhibited at many galleries and venues including Somerset House, The V&A, The Turner Contemporary, The Royal Albert Hall, Fomu, LaForet Museum in Tokyo and features in the MoMA Collection New York. Dean spent much of his childhood and formative years in the Southend-on-Sea area.  

He'll appear at SOund of the Thames Delta: Hedonistic Haunts of Wild Youth.

Photo ©deanchalkley all rights reserved

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