Horatio Clare

Horatio Clare is the author of two memoirs, Running for the Hills and Truant; three books of nature and travel, A Single Swallow, Down to the Sea In Ships, and Orison for a Curlew; a novella, The Prince's Pen; an anthology, Sicily Through Writers' Eyes, and most recently a novel for children, Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot, a Sunday Times children's book of the year. His work has been listed for numerous prizes, winning the Somerset Maugham award, the Foreign Press Association award and the Stanford-Dolman Travel Book of the Year 2015. Horatio contributes to numerous international publications and radio programmes, with regular essays for the Financial Times and From Our Own Correspondent.

To the Sea in Ships Shorelines talk: Horatio Clare will talk about Down to the Sea in Ships - his best-selling story of travelling the oceans on container ships. It reveals an unknown world upon which the one we know depends, exploring the ships, the men, the trade, ports, weather and wildlife of an almost unseen planet.

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