Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan

Last Acre is a short film directed by Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, a documentary portrait of self-built shed and cabin homes, located on the remote sand dunes of England’s northern coastline.

The film explores the social and ecological topography of this off-grid, ‘plot-land’ community. Existing on the margins of a rural, seaside idyll, and its surrounding industrial landscape, the settlement represents the last remnants of ‘Arcadia’: the makeshift homes built by citizens in the early 20th century in response to growing urban pressures and financial hardship. The film interweaves history, people and habitat; with a soundtrack featuring Peter Warlock’s pastoral composition The Curlew (1922), based on the bird’s plaintive call and the poetry of W.B Yeats.

Voice-over script based on 'Arcadia for All: The Legacy of a Makeshift Landscape' by Dennis Hardy & Colin Ward.

Last Acre will be shown at Shorelines Cinema Space.

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