Jon Morter

Jon Morter is best known for his gatecrashing of the music industry in 2009 with his phenomenal ‘Rage Against The X Factor’ campaign, sweeping Rap/Metal band Rage Against The Machine into the sought after UK Christmas No.1 spot, and £160,000 raised for charity. A Guinness record for downloads was broken plus Facebook gave him his own personal member of staff to assist with the 1.6 million group members he had amassed in just 4 weeks. This success opened the door for Jon to work on campaigns for some big artists in the industry including Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Rod Stewart, David Essex, a No.1 album for The Rolling Stones, Rik Mayall’s 2010 World Cup single (which incidentally Jon campaigned for again after Rik’s death making the UK No.7 in 2014), Eagles of Death Metal, and the 2012 Christmas No.1 campaign for The Justice Collective.

Jon has also recently gained notoriety within the Social Media community for creating the ‘Condescending Corporate Brand’, a fake company (referred to as the ‘Spinal Tap’ of Social Media) that only exists within Facebook and Twitter cheekily lampooning large companies trying to ‘do’ social media, yet seem to get it spectacularly wrong. To date this ‘company’ has caused riotous debate, resignations, offers of purchase from foreign shores, walkouts, outed brands using fake followers, and given Jon the title of “Social Media Hellraiser” by FastCompany and the New York Times.

Jon has spoken to audiences far and wide including the BBC, Facebook, Unilever, Peter Jones (Dragon’s Den) Enterprise Academy, many universities, Reading & Leeds Festival, and next to the Temple of the Olympian Zeus in Athens. He has also appeared in numerous ‘list’ shows and documentaries on TV, appeared in Channel 4’s ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’, made a special guest appearance in two movies, acted in a TV advert, and was even accused of being ‘The Milk Tray Man’ by comedian Jack Whitehall (he isn’t by the way!).

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