Michael Smith

As well as writing novels for Faber&Faber and regularly appearing on The Culture Show, Michael Smith is a film-maker who's made films for the Barbican's 2012 Olympics programme, among others. Maxy Bianco is a film-maker who's made films for Channel 4 and exhibited at The Baltic. The two have collaborated on several projects, and their new film cycle, Stranger on the Shore, will be shown as a touring exhibition funded by the Arts Council.

It's different by the sea. A bit strange even. Just as the coast lies at the ends of England geographically, it's also at the edges of our society and the margins of our culture - a liminal, threshold place where little England meets the wide mysterious world beyond, which has always made it a site of myth, eccentricity, transgression and romance.

Stranger on the Shore is a cycle of short films exploring these threshold places. the first film in the series, Dark Satanic Malls, explores the hinterlands of the Thames Estuary, centred on the Borough of Thurrock, London's major port.

See the trailer:

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