Philip Terry

Philip Terry is currently Director of the Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Essex. Among his books are the lipogrammatic novel The Book of Bachelors, a translation of Raymond Queneau's last book of poems Elementary Morality, and the poetry volumes Oulipoems and Shakespeare's Sonnets. His novel tapestry was shortlisted for the 2013 Goldsmith's Prize. Dante's Inferno, which relocates Dante's action to current day Essex , was published in 2014, as well as a translation of Georges Perec's I Remember. A new volume of poetry, Quennets, is forthcoming from Carcanet in 2016.

Reading from Quennets/Elementary Estuaries
Quennets is a volume of poetry in three parts using an Oulipian form invented by Raymond Queneau to record a series of walks: "Elementary Estuaries" records walks along the Essex coastline and estuaries; "Mauerweg" walks round the former Berlin Wall; "Waterlog" retraces W.G. Sebald's steps in The Rings of Saturn.

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