Richard A Sharpe

Richard A Sharpe is a cross genre musician and designer who, as an outsider in Southend, started fiddling with synthesizers and fashion in 1976 as a form of what he calls 'art school extremism'. He developed and patented the first holographic textiles as London based 'Spacetime' and created stage costumes for Prince, Bono and Adamski amongst many others.

He went on to have a No 1 single and platinum album 'Boss Drum' playing keyboards with The Shamen in 1991-92.

He left the UK for San Francisco in 1992 where he developed 'Deepspacetime' fashion/music label, later based in Tokyo as head designer for fashion brand Ozone Rocks before returning to Essex in 2010 to set up ZenEssex design/music studio.

Since that time he has developed  'Basproductions' which hosted four annual weekend events for Depeche Mode devotees to celebrate the electro heritage of Basildon.

"I've enjoyed working with lots of interesting people, from 'pop stars', and musicians to sewing and fashion people, who do it for joy. The keyword is Joy if I had to describe my work; 'unexpected' would be another. I'm a bit of a 'behind the scenes' character."

He will appear at Sound of the Thames Delta event.

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