Robert Marlow

Robert Marlow grew up in Basildon with future Depeche Mode members Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher. He played in 'The Plan' with Vince Clarke and later 'French Look', with Martin Gore and Paul Redmond. He also played in The Vandals with Alison Moyet.

After the release of 'Calling All Destroyers' Marlow moved between acting and music, recording the album 'The Peter Pan Effect' with Vince Clarke in 1983.  Marlow's band Film Noir, with The Cure's Perry Bamonte, supported Depeche Mode in Basildon. 'The Face of Dorian Gray' was  released on Vince's Reset Records label from his album 'The Peter Pan Effect', later released by Energy Records in 1999.

The duo 'MARLOW' with Gary Durant played at a Depeche Mode aftershow in 2006, and played live in London and around Europe. The title track of their first album 'Inside Outside' released 2009 was arranged and produced by Vince Clarke.

Robert Marlow continues to record and perform as a solo artist.

He will appear at Sound of the Thames Delta: We Remain Faithful to the Alternative with support from *Electro-Shock-Records* Record Label.


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