Colin Priest

Colin Priest

As a practitioner and academic his broad practice incorporates installation, writing, moving-image, performance and archival material associated with urban and environmental change. Assembling found and made artefacts, media and narratives; site-specific encounters gently rub fragments of time and space, manifesting as ephemeral public actions: conversation, intervention, publication and gathering.

Waiting Rakes film: Often called White Weed, perhaps Neptune Plant or even Sea Moss, a seasonal cottage industry of white-weeding; the harvest of a fragile coral-like 'plant' with rakes, used to be common place across the Estuary. Cleaned, bundled and sold for decorative purposes in The Moss Shop in Leigh or further afield, Waiting Rakes is a new work by Colin Priest awakening these stories. Collaging histories of found footage and a collectible daily 'public notice' in the Southend Echo and Southend Standard during the festival. The installation also included The Dance of the Neptune Plant film (Whitstable Biennale 2014).

Photo by Benedict Johnson

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