Caitlin and Andrew Webb-Ellis are British/Canadian artist filmmakers. They use film, dance, music and installation to create work which offers ways to imaginatively access the sensual, primal and interior.

Through an extended process of gathering and sifting, they bring diverse materials and concepts into dialogue to create new meaning. Coincidence and fiction play a significant role, and the subject matter is never fixed.

Webb-Ellis have ongoing collaborations with artists, scientists, philosophers, family, friends and strangers. Many of their projects take place over an extended period, working closely with people in specific places, and addressing the political through the lens of the personal, subconscious and everyday.

Webb-Ellis are facilitators of Philosophy for Children and recipients of the Jerwood Film and Video Umbrella Award 2019. They are currently working with Cement Fields on an extended educational project and new film funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

They live and work from a converted removal truck, continually moving from place to place.

Instagram @webbellisart
Twitter @WebbEllisArt
Facebook @webbellisart

Photo: Chris Ellis

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