Alison Ballard

Alison Ballard examines our relationships to objects, places, and one-another through a range of mediums including film, installation, audio, and performance. She often works site-specifically and seeks to produce works that lie between disciplines in order to research how they share ideology, presentation and audience experience. To do so, she regularly collaborates with other artist and in November 2015 Alison Ballard and Martin Lewis were awarded the Main Prize at the Nottingham Castle Open for their video installation, Wasted Labour.

NetPark app

A short story derived from the artist’s time in residence at Chalkwell Hall in 2016, exploring the ambiguities between reality and fiction that we encounter in everyday life. Real events and imagined lives are brought together in a heart-breaking story of loss, grief, and mental illness. Each chapter is geolocated within the park, forging a relationship between the story, the location, and your presence within it. A moving experience with content that some people may find challenging. 

Artist: Alison Ballard
Writers: Emma Sullivan and Alison Ballard
User interface Design: Bad Studio
Music: Iain Chambers

Funders: Arts Council England 

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