Anna Falcini

Revealing a site and narrative through exposing the incomplete erasure of some things that have past and re-placing that narrative, that erasure back into the public domain is central to Falcini's art and process. (Listening Posts Essay by Dr Sally Payen) Anna Falcini is a visual artist whose work deals with the porous atmospheres of geography and the interface of language. Her work is rendered through surfaces, drawing, text, audio and film.

Talk at Shorelines: An Archive of Atmosphere: The Hoo Peninsula

Exhibition of Coming Out of That Past into Glistening Black film at St Mary's Church - Isle of Grain:
Faces captured at critical moments, eyes gazing up at manufacturing wonders, industrial obelisks emerging from the fleets, pillars of the community barricaded in churchyards are scenes that unfurl in black and white in 'The Island' a film commissioned by BP in 1952 to document the building of an oil refinery. Anna Falcini has been exploring both the contemporary landscape of Grain and the scenes of the BP film, finding herself within the hiatus of past and future imaginings. The outcome of this investigation is a body of work sited at St James' Church in the Isle of Grain. Supported by University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Grain Parish Council.

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