Heidi Wigmore

Heidi Wigmore is a Southend-based visual artist. She utilises drawing for its immediacy, its concentrated reality and for its transformative possibilities. The intention for her public artworks is to create highly charged visuals which subvert our 'objectified selves' in a world bombarded by mass media that vies for our attention with its fixed agenda.

Mind Control Tower at Tilbury Cruise Terminal 17-23 September as part of Points of Departure
Following a residential Culture Lab at Metal, Wigmore's contemporary 'prayer flags' recalled the Bata shoe factory's Utopian promise and demand of 'Shoes for All' and the shoes recovered from the London shipwreck. Previewed at Tilbury before being installed at Coalhouse Fort on Sunday 25th September with a live event at 6pm

Mind Control Tower: Dreaming in the Now at Coalhouse Fort Tilbury 25 September as part of Fort Film Night - a site specific installation
'My intention is to reimagine the minefield control tower in the grounds just outside the fort walls as a 'stupa' or shrine, as a reflection on Power and Protection. Much like a 'stupa' this militaristic structure exists to protect against 'evil forces' - as Coalhouse fort is thought to be a site for paranormal activity, the transformed tower will 'emanate positivity' through its transformation. I will be designing and making series of contemporary 'prayer flags' using commercial digital print processes which will be strung all around the structure. Imagery will be based on a symbolic shoe motif in reference to 2 key themes of the Estuary: The Bata shoe factory, minutes away from the fort with its Utopian ideal of 'Shoes for All!' And the shoe parts excavated from the London shipwreck, perfectly preserved in the Estuary mud for nearly 400 years. The play on words of 'sole' and 'soul' is irresistible...'
The installation was supported by a live event at 6pm with a sound 'mantra', spoken word and stylised rituals.

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