Simon Fowler

Simon Fowler is an internationally renowned photographer who lives in Leigh-on-sea, Essex, beside the Thames Estuary. This geographically important stretch of water has been the subject of his photography for nearly a decade, resulting in a substantial body of work both from the shoreline and on the water itself, which captures the river and the people who live and work there at all states of time and tide. His images of the Estuary have been published in the national and local press and during the past few years he has worked alongside the acclaimed local writer Rachel Lichtenstein producing new works, which will be published in her latest book 'Estuary: out from London to the Sea' (Hamish Hamilton, September 2016). Simon was also commissioned by Metal to produce some new images of the Estuary for the Estuary festival branding. 

The exhibition at Chalkwell Hall, ‘From the Shore and Beyond’, includes a selection of work from some of his many adventures on and around the estuary as well as a series of iconic landscape photographs of the estuarine shoreline.

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