Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford

Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford


A project by Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford

Have you ever hummed a Lulu lullaby?
When was the last time you walked backwards in silence, towards land?
Play Southend Now or Never! is a unique App for mobile devices that will make you experience Southend in fresh, imaginative and mischievous ways.

Play Southend Now or Never! uses innovative geo-mapping technologies to send visual and audio prompts that suggest specific actions as you walk around town. The App has been developed by artists Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford in collaboration with Southend residents, Metal and NetPark.

It will be available as a free download from Google Play and the App Store. For more details go to

Artists: Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford
User interface Design: Maddison Graphic
App design: Nick Cheek
Audio: Simon Keep
Funders: Arts Council England 

Photo Credit: Julian Hughes

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